We will never use your personal information in an upsetting manner. Except for the mandatory conditions dictated by law, we will not share your personal or contact information with the third parties. We will not send unwanted mail to your e-mail address unless you wish to be informed periodically. We will swiftly exclude you from the membership database we created for our Bulletins, in case you do not want to receive our weekly Bulletins we e-mail to our member clients.

Privacy Declaration
The protection of the personal data of our users is a delicate and important issue for our company. This privacy declaration is about your personal information that we collect when you visit our Website.

The Collection and Handling of Personal Data
Your name, your address, your e-mail address, mailing address, and credit card information are the information that defines you. Unless you submit your personal information to us (as in the case of product ordering, e-mail membership, or catalogue request), we do not collect your personal information.

The Utilization and Distribution of Personal Information
According to the Website management requirements, your personal information will only be used to enable your access to specific information, or that we can get in touch with you. Your personal information will never be shared with the third parties or published elsewhere.

Freedom to Choose
You have the control over the personal information you submit on our Website. Please update your information on your membership page (such as postal code, e-mail, address, telephone or mobile phone) in the case of any changes.

Your credit card information is decoded by using 256 bite SSL, delivered automatically to the bank where the payment is made, including the appropriate charges. Your information is viewed by the bank only during this process, not by Bandito. Your credit card information is not kept by Bandito due to security reasons.

SSL (Security Socket Layer) is a security protocol developed for ensuring security and confidentiality during the information transfer over the network. It is supported by all search engines (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc). Search Engines automatically process the information wherever SSL connection is needed. SSL enables the decoding of the sent information definitely and only at the correct address. The information is automatically encrypted before delivery and can be decoded only by the correct receiver. The confidentiality and integrity of the information and transaction are protected by verification on both parties. The information you submit during the membership agreement and shopping are never shared with any persons and establishments.