Wholesale Hippie Clothing



Wholesale Hippie Clothing

We’re living in the age of social. Things are moving fast and change is unstoppable. But the way things change is not only to forward but also backward… That’s the begining of our hippie wholesale story.

From anywhere when we hear the word “hippy” we always have a vision of a look. This look is generally extraordinary and different than the rest of the people. But do we really know what does hippy exactly means? Let’s make things clear.

Hippy is a statement that came one step forward in the 60’s and this statement was used for the people with bright outlook and unconventional appearence. They’re also identified with long hair and their loose cut clothes. So, when we look again to all of these definitions we’re reaching our main point; change can be backward because we’re all trying to catch this look in the modern era of fashion world.

Catch Our Wholesale Hippie Dresses

If you’re about to bedeck your boho boutique with bohemian style clothing then you have to put bunch of hippie dresses to your store too. As bohemian clothing is having natural, floral, loose and nostalgic designs, hippie dresses are having this common touches too. From mini to maxi dresses, we designed hippie dresses with extraordinary details to make them striking for your customers. Also, we put our prices to down low to make them striking for you.

With the advantages of our bohemian hippie clothing wholesale you can fill your boutique easily and present lots of options to your customers. For example, in our hippie category you can find green, button down back detailed, sleeveless mini dress to offer basic dresses to your customers. If you are looking for something maximalist, then you can take a look to our double layered dresses with ethnic pattern and hem with tassel. These two main dresses are our maximalist and minimalist examples. You can find other spectacular variety of dresses between this scale and create a special range for your boutique.

Airy Skirts To Hypnotise!

How you feel is half of how you look, because people always shows their inner feelings with their look. That’s why we crafted our hippie style airy skirts to let boho people hypnotise their surroundings while feeling comfortable all day long. From our hippie skirts category you can find boho style, patch detailed and flared skirt which has been liked a lot by our individual customers. Wholesale hippie clothing advantages are also available for skirts too, so you can profit from cheapest prices for this category with Los Banditos quality.

Wrapping With Boho Wholesale

Los Banditos’ boho wholesale doesn’t end here. As we tell you to fill your boutique with options to make your customers have choices, we’re giving you choices to make this real. So, for hippie clothing group we put our best in the atelier and crafted jumpsuits that can’t be found in anywhere. While we’re using high quality fabrics, we used the living symbols of ethnic world. In the process of creating jumpsuits we also used our best skills and put specific neck and waist details to our hippie jumpsuits. So, we finished our mission on jumpsuits with best we can and now It’s your turn to present the to your customers… Wholesale jumpsuits are waiting for you!

Boho Items Wholesale Goes Hippie!

Fashion industry changes day by day. This time change is going backward to bring us what’s natural and spectacular. In the street, in the office or in the beach… We see people are turning into nostalgic personas and doing their art with what they wear. That’s how hippie style clothing is turned back to our life –thanks  to fashion and Los Banditos crafted them back with love.

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