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Mens Wholesale Clothing

Men are in love with antagonism. While everybody thinks that they’re just simple with what they wear, things got changed a lot for them as it happened for women too. In the modern world, men are caring about their style and trying to create their extraordinary look for any occasion. Here, we see that they’re wriggling out from their collars and cuffs to feel comfy with what they wear and they’re putting their effortless look for the day. Isn’t it all about boho clothing? Yes, we came to right stop now.

As we indicated with common terms about men’s modern clothing, we reached out that they’re in search of bohemian pieces. So, we’re as Los Banditos family giving you best mens wholesale clothing pieces with boho style to open your boutique to men as much as you do for women.

Drop Crotch Pants Are Rising

From 60’s to 2000’s, crotch cuts of men’s fashion had big changes. In the early 00’s we had seen that skinny pants are going in and wrapped legs walked down the streets about 15 years. But now things changed again and men with in search of feeling comfy and stylish at the same time are choosing drop crotch and harem pants.

Drop crotch pants’ cushy crotch detail is it’s signature look. They are begining with ample look on the waist and goes tighter on the ankles. We designed our drop crotch pants’ ankle details with elastic cuffs to keep comfort of these pants. With our wholesale shopping prices you can pick different color options of drop crotch pants to your store.

Natural Feeling Of Knitt

When we look back in our lives, in our childhood days all of our grandmothers had knitted us jumpers at least one time. If you had one of them in your life once then you know that natural and unique feeling. In our wholesale boutique we’re proud to present knitted jumpers to let you share them with your customers. Symbolic look of boat neck on knitted jumpers of Los Banditos will give your visitors feeling the touch of their mother and this is one of the delicate purpose of bohemian clothing.

Stylish Men With Harem Pants

Harem pants born in the middle east’s countryside and been lost for too many years… Until now. With the rising of bohemian clothing all around the world, harem pants are turned back to fashion industry with modern retouches on them. While we are choosing our variety of clothes, we put harem pants to top list because their natural look and comfy cut is something totally related to boho chic clothing.

Our harem pants are made of %100 woven cotton that gives our skin fresh air with every move we do and it doesn’t make you sweat while you’re moving. To keep our harem pants cushy as we want, we put elastic band to waist part of them and also put pockets to prove natural standings.

Shirts But In-Formal Way

As you see the joke in our subject, with our bohemian way of understanding we commentate shirts all over again and finally created something unexpected from shirts. Lots of people thinks that shirts are only available to use for formal places but It’s a no-no from us.

The shirts we designed with hoodie style are natural with their wooden button and side pockets. So, men can use them for any occasion but business. With our best prices, you can put this creative design of Los Banditos to your boutique so that men will see how bohemian style is changing their life from fundamentals.

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