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All around the world, we see that the wholesale fashion clothing industry is shaking from its basics. Rapidly changing clothing world and repetitive designs are going away with the rising of bohemian style clothing. This is not just for women, also men with style are behind this rising process.

City life and environment that keeps changing every day is made men feel tied up and they’re all seeking for comfort zones. Los Banditos is giving them what they want and letting their legs go free to walk wherever they want. Now, you can put our special designs for men with cheap wholesale prices.

Boys Being Boys, Fashion Being Boho

Many women think that men aren’t caring about fashion or clothing but actually, they do as women do. Especially, men with style and in care of their comfort are chasing fashion to reflect their inner world to outside. From this vision, we started our story with men’s wholesale clothing and crafted what’s completely fit for them. That’s how our fisherman pants and harem pants for men became. If a man is bored with his pants, he’ll go to change his style within a minute and find what’s the perfect fit for him. We know our harem pants are these perfect friends for them.

Pastoral Faces At City Streets

Harem pants are actually designed at the countryside sites. Their airy designs and comfortable cuts made for farmers to make them feel comfortable at their works. But doesn’t it actually important for men in the city too? The answer is yes and yes to harem pants! Today’s street fashion is evolving to bohemian style and harem pants are main pieces for having this stylish look. If you have a bohemian boutique, we have good news for you. We’re selling wholesale harem pants for boho stores. Our wholesale bohemian clothing prices are an advantage for you to have them in your store at low costs.

Pockets and Ties Are On

Little details always bring big differences. In our new series of men’s wholesale pants, we’re proudly serving pants with pocket and waist tie details. These pieces are what we call “fisherman pants” and their adjustable waist part is their signature look. Fisherman pants are having their wide leg details too. Put a step back and take a look at these modern cuts. You’ll see Los Banditos’ hippie pants stunning style and you can own them for your store with wholesale boho advantages.

Comfort Level Hits Top

Men always want to feel comfortable with what they wear. Because for them, being comfortable with their pants is making them feel brave and relaxed. In our catalog, you can find bohemian wholesale drop crotch pants with a wide selection of color alternatives. Some of them have pocket and button details to bring natural looks. So, for your bohemian boutique, you have to own some of them to catch the attention of men customers. It’s always hard to be remarkable for men but with our bohemian men's pants, you’ll be unforgettable for them. Visit our men’s category to see more about our pants.

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