Wholesale Yoga Clothing



Wholesale Yoga Clothing

From Far East to all around the world yoga culture expands it’s number of enamoured people. Like bohemian philosophy, yoga focuses on human beings’ inward freedom and letting this free feeling move from inside to outside.

With the time yoga culture created it’s own way of style on clothing. The comfort of over sized cuts and natural look are common point of these clothes and as Los Banditos family we’re proud to share our wholesale yoga clothing for boutiques with bohemian style.

Freedom To Any Movement With Yoga Pants

As we put our love to every piece that we crafted in bohemian style, we also did our best with yoga pants. For both men and women cathegory, we focused on the center of yoga culture to put things one step forward and in the end our designs turned into pieces with spectacular style. While we’re designing any kind of yoga pants in our atelier, we used best fabrics with high quality standarts and used our best designs on them. So, here we are sharing them for you to fill your boutique with our wholesale yoga pants sale. Best prices, high quality and freedom to any movement that your customers in search of.

Starting With Wholesale Harem Pants

Harem pants are really useful when it comes to yoga activities as much as their popularity in bohemian style clothing. Harem pants’ story started in the rural of middle east decades ago. Inside of city life, the people who forgot their naturalness is welcomed harem pants back in modern age to wriggle from artificial way of living. So, for our wholesale boutique clothing group of designs, we put harem pants in really important pleace. We designed them with easy pull on elastic waist to make them more comfortable than ever and put pockets to keep the natural look. We finished our designs with elastic hems to make them easy to combine with any other piece. If you’re readying your boutique with bohemian clothings than you gotta pay a specific place for our harem pants and rejoice in best prices that Los Banditos offers you.

Extraordinary Style of Fisherman Pants

Yoga clothing’s common look is –as we point before- loose and baggy to make both men and women feel comfortable with their physical activities. Fisherman pants are completely able to match with this look and with our wholesale hippie clothing facilities you can put bunch of exclusive designs to your boutique.

Fisherman pants’ signature look is on it’s waist detail. The way they have adjustable waist tie is giving opportunity to the one to make it tight or comfy from waist as they wish. These pants also have same loose fit cuts like harem pants and has it’s glamorous look for any occasion.

Ethnic Details, Natural Looks

For both men and women, changing the rules of dressing up is a symbol of bravery. In the age of digital, turning back to old fashioned looks and having authentic style with what we wear is the best we can do to show this bravery. So, the yoga pants with ethnic details has this complete rule breaking look and we crafted some special pieces with best we can do. Here, yo can profit from our bohemia wholesale prices and have these remarkable, ethnic patterned yoga pants for your boutique and show your multiplicity which is not easy to find nowadays.

Grow With Quality

To satisfy your customers with high quality clothes in your boutique and also let them have different options to evaluate, take look to our recherche designs and have them with best prices. We mean; expand your store with our pieces, grow with quality.

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