Must For A Boho Chic Winter Look: Sweaters & Cardigans
The term bohemian describes free-thinking artists and other creative types. Mainly inspired by the hippie clothing of 60's and 70's, the boho fashion is ever so popular as it can be very...
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Boho Mens Fashion Trends
A bohemian is a socially unconventional person, someone who makes his own rules, but how does it translate into a style of dress? In boho fashion patterns and colors are used in a bold and expressive...
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Capsule Wardrobe Heroes: Boho Dresses
One of the new trends of modern times, a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes that can be combined in different ways. You are selective about what you own, only keeping the pieces that...
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How to Dress for a Boho Wedding
The time has come for that long expected wedding and you definitely need a boho wedding dress to make an impression at your dream event. If you don’t know where to look at for that bohemian...
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What Makes a Boho Boutique Unique?
A good question, isn't it? After all there are countless boutiques worldwide featuring all imaginable styles, but when it comes to boho chic, it's more about a lifestyle type store, often...
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Boho Winter Style Tips
Are You Ready for the Winter? Once again winter has arrived; the season for warm and cuddly clothes, nice woolen scarves and beanies, thick socks with a large cup of hot cocoa to keep the spirits...
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Style Ideas for Bohemian Mothers
Featuring Boho Maternity So you decided to sell boho maternity clothing in your store for the expecting mothers. After all boho fashion is still quite popular and the mothers-to-be want to wear...
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Gypsy Bohemian Clothing Is On The Rise
Yes It is Finally Summertime Aren't we all relieved that the summer has finally arrived? It is time to shed off the winter clothes and get our wardropes and stores ready for the fleeting...
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Don't Worry Be Hippie!
Today we want to talk about bohemian hippie fashion. We all know that hippie clothes have never gone out of style, no matter how the fashion trends tended to change. Here, we would like to refer you...
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Bohemian Fashion Style
Originally a French word, "boheme" defines a person with artistic or literary interests, who disregards conventional standards of behaviour, and lives in an informal way that ignores the...
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Tips To Find Best Wholesale Boho Clothing Items
We want to give you some tips for online shopping authentic, bohemian clothing in wholesale. Whether you are a boutique owner or just renting a stand in a shopping mall or in a touristy town for...
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