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Wholesale Plus Size

In the fashion industry, we see that there’s a big lack of plus size pieces for women. Limited designs with special look for bohemian clothing is also a problematic situation too. But, Los Banditos takes things in different way and gives equal chance for any kind of need. In the center of bohemian style we crafted oversized dresses, pants, tunics and skirts which are having our best looks. Now, we’re sharing our art with boutiques by wholesale plus size clothing advantages. Best prices and original designs in our online wholesale clothing store are widely open for your demand…

High Quality Pieces in Our Wholesale Boutique

When we started our story in bohemian fashion world, we took this beautiful philosophy against us and spent a long time to craft our pieces with the basics that we learned. As boho philosophy offers women to have natural and effortless look to show her inner courage for living, we took this way of understanding with high standarts and applied them into boho plus size clothes with care. Eventually, we realised that these clothes must meet with women all around the world and here we’re offering best prices for you to take them to your boutique.

Starting With Basics: Wholesale Dresses

In our wholesale campaign for boutiques, we’re focused on the bohemian clothes that has more demand from women. As we already know, women’s loyal friends are always been dresses so our bohemian dresses are best loyal friends. While we’re crafting boho dresses for plus size cathegory, we gave them soul of boho style and let them look unique in all the ways. Some of our designs have simple colors and some of them have floral and ethnic details but either way they’re designed with high quality fabrics which are recognizable from far away. So, don’t miss the chance to have bohemian wholesale advantages and let your boho boutique shine with our delicate plus size designs.

Offering Combines With Wholesale Harem Pants

Women that likes options are loves to combine different pieces to catch the contrast they ask for. So, here in the understanding of bohemian fashion we designed individual plus size harem pants to let them do it in their own way. While you’re creating your boho boutique’s options, you gotta offer boho pants to your customers with bohemian style and without doubt the best you can offer is harem pants. Los Banditos offers you best quality wholesale clothing and gives you bunch of specialised harem pants to fill your boutique. High quality fabrics and never seen designs on our plus size harem pants are best you can pick as we promise for best quality.

Plus Size Boho Skirts Keep Receipts

For plus size cathegory, skirts are haven’t got the attention they deserve…Until now. When bohemian style clothing rised from the center of fashion industry, things changed from it’s fundamentals and now plus size skirts are having their time. As bohemian philosophy offers us to feel free and brave with what we do, plus size skirts are now women’s choice whenever they want to wear. Los Banditos, took this savvy to higher standarts and crafted plus sized skirts with unique symbols of boho style.

Multi layered plus size boho skirts that Los Banditos designed with natural buttons on it gives women daily comfortable and glam look. Especially for summer season, our plus size boho skirts can be easily combined with boho shirts and blouses. In the last touches, this combine can be finalised with sandals and babettes.

Don’t miss Los Banditos’ wholesale shopping advantages and let your boutique show it’s boho style as your customers do!

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