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Take a look to 50’s and see how things started to change from it’s fundamentals. In the late 50’s and early 60’s people came up with idea of letting things go and explore the world with the way of free thinking, feeling and wearing. This way of thinking got called “bohemian” at this time and this movement started to determine how bohemian people should wear: LIMITLESS. This is how bohemian clothing went fashionable.

Skirts and dresses are commonly used to symbolise women but the power of pants is not only recognized by men. In the age of modern but with the way of bohemian thinking, we’re free to choose what to wear and how to feel comfortable with what we wear. So, let’s make things clear and shout out; boho pants are made for everybody!

Stylish Relaxation

At the center of boho style, clothes gotta make his owner feel free and act flexible as they wish. Also, caring of natural beings is next to this mentality. When both of these important basics merges into our clothing world; baggy pants, harem pants, jumpsuits and wide leg pants comes alive. Their oversized cuts and special details are going to make you feel like you just broke your chains and let yourself go and your folks will realise how you look natural and individual.

Easy to Combine

Lots of people spends lots of time against mirror to make sure If they’re dressed up good enough for the day. This sentence is beyond far away from boho style people because there’s no rule for them when they’re combining their stylish pieces.

Harem pants are often choosen by women with boho style at any season. With their drop crotch mid point and down heel look, these special pieces can make a woman feel completely free with the way she walks and the way she moves. Natural buttons and tie front form of harem pants are going to make you witness you’ve never been this natural before.

For Bohemian Entrepreneurs

Apart from being a boho and wear bohemian style pants, If you’re about to create your own boutique with boho style clothes, you gotta pick unique wholesale boho pants for your store. Because especially women are really sensitive and picky while choosing a piece which makes them feel happy and completed with it. We’re –as Los Banditos family- offer you boho clothes with best fabric quality and remarkable prices. So, while you’re fullfilling your store with what’s best on the market, your customers going to realise what’s different on your store.

Casually, cropped and drop crotch harem pants are best choices to your store If you’re starting with basics. These natural pieces are primary choose of boho women. Also wholesale yoga pants are can be your next stop. Coming from far east, yoga culture has merged with bohemian style and we got this comfy yoga pants to wear for any season and any place.

From hippie wholesale advantages of Los Banditos, you can also pick baggy pants which gives look of both skirt and pants. This specific designs are made for boho women who is not feeling enough with just one look and merges pant and skirt together. Baggy pants with ethnic motifs on it are popular pieces these days, so maybe you can reserve a special place for them in your boutique.

We promise that we’re going to be last wholesale supplier that you choose in boho clothing industry. After your and your customers experience with our special designs with high quality fabrics, you’ll know that you can’t take down your standarts. Period!

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