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Wholesale Harem Pants

For the fashion world, time is changing its direction. Sometimes It goes forward and sometimes it goes backward. We don’t know when the change is happening but now things are going backward fast. This is why we’re seeing bohemian clothing is slaying wholesale fashion industry and bringing harem pants back. We’re –Los Banditos- chasing the time back with bohemian philosophy and crafting unique pants with harem style.

Harem pants were actually famous in the countryside and their unwrapping cuts were letting pastoralist women feel free with their moves. Now, we’re living inside of the city life where everything is stifling and quick, so that’s why harem pants are back to city fashion!

Freedom To Legs!

Walking or running… Legs are our body’s one of the important parts. While women are picking clothes, they want stylish looks and comfort at the same time. Wholesale harem pants are specifically crafted by us for this need of women. Our harem pants are showing off their boho style with natural designs and loose fit cuts. With them, women can run and walk easily. While you are picking a different kind of pants for your bohemian fashion store, you have to bring harem pants too for women who are in search of easing their movements.

Natural In A Modern Way

We all know that the modern world is almost in a war with nature but we must admit that nature is our everything. If we are trying to be appropriate with the modern world, we should balance the relaxing nature style and street style altogether. That’s why our wholesale boho and hippie clothing collections are crafted as harem pants which were unseen since today. You can pick baggy, Capri or cropped style of harem pants from our wholesale boutique for your store. There’s a wide selection of colors and prints in our wholesale harem pants alternatives. Warm colors of harem pants are giving dynamic looks, especially for spring and summer era. For fall and winter seasons, there are black, gray and dark blue alternatives too.

Authentic and Floral Prints Are Completing Natural Style

Harem pants are already natural with their design but we’re designing them with authentic and floral prints. In our catalog, you can find harem style wholesale hippie pants with flowers printed on them. Also, there are alternatives with leaves on them. These symbols of nature will make your customers want to have them in their wardrobe to create a big contrast with their modern combines. With Los Banditos’ cheap wholesale clothing advantages, you can pick pants with authentic prints too.

Hey City, What’s Good?

Bravery and freedom in women’s soul are coming out! Our love for hippie fashion meets with pants to make this rising faster. Let’s fill your store with harem pants and bring natural touches for your customers. It’s never too late with Los Banditos’ wholesale boho clothing prices to turn your boutique into somewhere everything is brave. We are designing harem pants to change the wrapping understanding of the fashion world for your customers. So, here we are sharing them with you and we are proud of it!

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