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Down at heels styled, clothes are really popular nowadays. The main reason for this popularity is people are totally bored with the same things and wrapping cuts. So, that’s how the bohemian style of clothing has been rose from its ashes. Boho fashion was born in the late ’50s and got trendy at early ’60s, then It had been lost for half of a century but now It’s back with the retouches of modern fashion comprehension. We are proud to share our rising baggy pants with boho boutiques and we want our pieces to meet with women all around the world.

Effortless But In A Glamorous Way

Baggy pants are kind of looking like harem pants but they differ with their cuts. Harem pants are totally known with countryside fashion but baggy pants are living in cities where women with boho style live. Their effortless look is hard to find in any kind of pants. Boho fashion crafted baggy pants with a draped waist and medium rise cuts. From waist to ankle, baggy styled pants are putting style with comfort. It’s always easy to walk with baggy pants on you and your moves are going to be more comfortable than It’s ever been. Also, It’s too easy to pick them for your store with our wholesale bohemian clothing prices.

Authentic or Singular; Both Are Unique

There are authentic and singular colored alternatives in our boho pants selection. These different design options are specifically defined as bulk clothing for women with different style. Down at heel pants with authentic symbols are giving more informal looks and can be worn for street combines. Their symbols are living for centuries and going to make their wearers feel natural with their look. Singular colored baggy pants are more characteristic with modern touches. Dark colored alternatives can be worn for formal places and fall/winter seasons. Warm colored ones are also can be chosen for formal places but also they’re great choices for outside meetings in summer/winter seasons.

Walk As You Talk

Women who aren’t afraid of speaking their inner world should put their free walk too. Baggy pants are really in the meaning of this bravery. Our floppy cuts are giving the feeling of freedom. It always feels like you’re breaking your chains when you remove your wrapping clothes of the modern fashion world and putting your baggy pant feel like you’re putting your wings. Let’s see our bohemian wholesale prices and bring wings for your customers.

Living With The Street Lights

It’s time to make things better for ourselves in the modern era of the world. Crowded, noisy and colorless city life wants us to do it with our care for the world. Now, baggy pants are trending with their flowing look and colorful design. For your boho women's clothing boutique, don’t forget to pick baggy styled pants and let them face with women with boho style. This way they’re going to live with the streets that need more life and more color! Check our cheap wholesale prices and fill your store to share our love for bohemian style!

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