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Women pants are with different boho style cuts are all giving their best comfortably wearing standards but to catch what’s striking is differs with which design standards on them. Los Banditos gives women wide choosing chances and puts different printing alternatives with pants. Baggy, harem, culottes or yoga pants to buy wholesale online… They’re all crafted by us and we put our best prints on them to create magical combines. Now, check out our bohemian wholesale catalog to see what’s in our hands and let us share them with you today. Don’t forget, love multiplies as you share and we want to share our love for bohemian hippie style wholesale fashion with you.

Immortal Flowers Are Living In Any Season

Flowers are nature’s perfection. Their complex look is always mesmerizing us. Different colors and shapes of them are nothing but unique in the world. That’s why in the understanding of boho philosophy flowers are really precious. As Los Banditos, we crafted printed pants with floral design to give bohemian style life in the streets. There are different and complex floral prints on our wholesale pants which are shaping baggy, harem or Capri. Some of our pants have tiny warm colored flowers on a black background on them and they’re our favorite hippie pants. Well, we must point out that all of our pants are our favorite.

What’s Artificial Goes Natural

Bohemian style pants are meaning to give the natural feeling to defeat what’s artificial in the modern world. So, we put authentic symbols and details on our pants. Our printed pants with ethnic symbols and specifically colored stripes are giving their wearers have their natural look. Ethnic symbols we discovered –which are living with us for centuries- are making our boho pants look like they’re talking. For women with bravery and courage, they’re fighting against artificial and brings natural back. You can sashay away from unnatural with our boho-inspired prints today and make your boutique strike as our pants.

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes!

We placed straight stripes with asymmetrical blocks. Also, we colored them with warmest colors of sunlight and flowers to create shiny looks. On our printed pants, these stripes are putting authentic style out. Without any support of ethnic symbols, our stripped baggy and wholesale harem pants are giving ethnic feels. This is what we call “unique” and we’re giving you a chance to have them with cheap wholesale prices today. Let’s discover our stripped pants in our printed pants category.

Make It Unforgettable

If you are looking for specific designs for your bohemian boutique, we are giving you some tips to make it unforgettable. First of all, of course, there should be singular colored clothes for your customers who are in search of a specific kind of color. But also you should pick printed alternatives to make your boutique completed. Because there are women with boho style who’s looking for remarkable clothes to finish their combines. If you’re behind these tips, we’re also offering you bohemia wholesale prices to fill your store with our dispensable printed pants. Today could be the first day of the rest of your success at your store!

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