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Shirts are basic pieces which are always underhand to wear whenever in need of men. Their easy to wear design and formfitting cut are making men’s mind to have them for daily. Under changing fashion world standards, shirts are shaping with bohemian inspiration and they’re bringing deep messages to the outer world. Here we are designing shirts with prints which are telling stories with boho understanding. So, for your stylish yet bravery men customers we’re offering our specifically designed boho shirts. When they combine them with bohemian pants, they’ll discover that what complete combine actually is.

Stories For City People

Cities are like gardens but flowers are not alive, they’re concrete blocks all around us. Things are moving fast but all this dynamism in cities is completely artificial. Bohemian philosophy is against to this settlement and we’re putting our love for bohemian with this understanding. Thus, we’re putting front important stories with prints on our shirts. Not just with prints but also contrast colors of our shirts, tell a story to city people who are stifled with this kind of repetitive life in cities. Check out our men's wholesale clothing prices to have our meaningful stories in your boutique.

Let’s Talk About Good Looking Men!

Men are differing than women but they’re both care about how they look. For men who care about their look, we’re crafting bohemian shirts. There’s a wide selection of color choices in our men’s shirt catalog to let them have their favorite option. In the pattern of bohemian style, there’s claret red, brown, black, blue, green and orange colors are coming front row. So, we picked these colors to use on our designs and in the end when we finished our series of shirts, things went right. You can find the best color alternatives of boho styled shirts in our catalog and have them with bohemian hippie clothing wholesale prices.

Hoodies To Be Visible

Hoodies are very popular clothes in the modern era. With their hoods, these clothes are giving men a stylish look. But, with the touches of bohemian style, our hoodies’ hoods aren’t made to be hidden but to be visible. Our hoodies having their most natural look and they’re detailed with pockets and buttons. As we can call them hippie shirts, our hoodies carrying wooden button at the neck and It gives stunning aspect to men in stylish wholesale clothing area.

Men’s Fashion Is Going Boho

From Holywood stars to universal artists, we’re seeing that they’re putting their most comfortable clothes on, on the street. Because they’re living in a business life where everything is tiring and boring. They want to feel airy as they’re in their free times. We are all like them and we’re chasing something we’ll never catch; TIME. While we’re running behind it, If we want to move faster, we have to have what’s comfy for us. That’s why we’re serving our shirts that made with high-quality fabrics and unique design standards. Now, you can have them with bohemian wholesale prices from our catalog to share them with your customers.

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