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What’s beautiful is inside, we know but this time things are going inside out. The way of bohemian clothing is crossing hippie style with our hippie pants. For women, pants are like heroes who break chains and set them free to move as they want. From this understanding, we are –as Los Banditos family- crafting magical looking, comfortable and modern wholesale pants with hippie style. If you’re in search of filling your bohemian boutique with hippie pants, there’s a wide selection of hippie pants in our catalog where you can find perfect fits for your store. Discover now and profit later.

Hippie Style Is Our Rising Star

The modern world is all about business and artificial stuff. That’s why lots of people are looking for things which make them feel comfortable and airy. Our hippie pants with boho design are popping up for people who are caring about their style and their body. In our wholesale bohemian clothing catalog, you can find hippie pants which are shaped specifically as capris, baggies, culottes and etc. All of them are looking natural as their design shows off, so they’re bringing comfort together. Loose fit harem pants and all other pant alternatives in our catalog will let your store totally boho!

Calling All Boutiques To Taste Our Advantages

Los Banditos is differing from its own fashion understanding. In the meaning of bohemian philosophy, we’re crafting pants with style but also care of a human. That’s why some of our Capri harem pants are showing off authentic symbols. These symbols are living with us for like two thousand years and yet they’re still growing. Parallel to authentic designs, there are also floral options too. With the advantages of our bohemian wholesale items, you can put spring air in your store and bring natural looks to your customers with hippie pants. With their down to heel cuts and flowing details, you’ll mesmerize your customers and make them enjoy their boho style.

Bringing Our Hippie Back!

Hippie style clothes were fashionable 60 years ago and they’ve been lost since the late 2000s. All around the world, people discovered that this artificial new era of the fashion world is crashing and they brought hippie style back. In our pants catalog, you can see we’re bringing hippie culottes back. Their low rise cuts, button closure on waist and pocket details are making their wearers feel free with their movements. So, you can feel free with our wholesale boho clothing prices to fill your store.

Do You Wanna Come Over?

If you’re trying to shape your bohemian boutique with a wide selection of clothes, you got to pick hippie pants next to your boho blouses, jackets, and shirts. There are also wholesale yoga pants in our pants catalog which is crafted specifically for yogis. We must admit that our yoga pants are relaxing more than any pant you can find in the fashion industry. Now, It’s time to break free and let your legs break their chains. Choose our wholesale hippie pants for your boutique then you’ll see that your customers with bohemian style are going to lose their mind!

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