Must For A Boho Chic Winter Look: Sweaters & Cardigans

Boho Cardigan StyleThe term bohemian describes free-thinking artists and other creative types. Mainly inspired by the hippie clothing of 60's and 70's, the boho fashion is ever so popular as it can be very versatile and easy to combine with essential pieces from your wardrope. Mixing textures like lace, leather, silk, cotton and wool in earthy tones and muted colors is so much fun, letting you express your uniqueness in a creative manner.

Boho Fashion Style

Although boho fashion style is unique and ideal for any season, you will need extra layers in the winter to stay warm. As layering different textures is essential to achieving the boho look, a nice woolen cardigan or a sweater over a vintage silk blouse, or a boho top adorned with lace will surely make you stand out. And when those coldest days arrive, with a thick poncho paired with your favorite cowboy boots or knee-high boots you will look boho and chic as ever!

It is better to wear layers to stay warm during the season. A knit sweater or a crop cardigan over your boho maxi dresses or flannel skirts, while adding some vintage pieces, you will achieve the bohemian look you desire in no time. The key to a chic boho look throughout the winter is to master the art of layered clothing. The secret is to dress several thin layers to stay warm without compromising your sense of elegance. A nice knitted jumper over a classic shirt, or a cosy long cardigan paired with a ruffled gypsy skirt will keep you warm and stylish  in these chilly days.


The bohemian style calls for a color palette that is mostly muted, with some ethic patterns thrown in, but it should also include one color that stands out as an accessory, such as a pop of purple or bright red. Why not try combining a fitted cotton vest, or a cable knit cardigan with a silk or woolen scarf in bold colors over a nice pair of skinny jeans?

Boho Style

If you want to dress in boho style but you aren't a huge fan of bright colors, a pair of high-rise and flare-leg pants and a soft white cardigan over a simple tee-shirt and a hippie vest are an unbeatable combo. Accesories like metal bangles, bracelets and a pair of ethnic style earrings may easily give an outfit some depth and personality. After all, the bohemian fashion is all about mixing cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style that is unique and fun.

In the cooler months boho fashion style is simple to achieve once you have the essentials on hand. A black cropped cardigan, a turtle neck sweater, or a block color sweater in muted tones will effortlessly combine with a pair of boyfriend jeans, or over a boho winter skirt and ankle boots. A fake fur or chunky knit scarf around your neck will not only make a fashionable accessory, but it will also keep you warm.Boho Sweater Style

In the sunny and warmer days of the winter, you could opt for a striped or plain jumper over thick leggings and a pair of over-the-knee boots. And when the holidays roll around having a go-to jumper with winter themed prints is a must. Choose one with a cute print for all your holiday parties and opt for a messy bun to show off your features and not distract from your cute knit sweater.

Bohemian Chic Fashion

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