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Wholesale Boho Jackets

Jackets are always final pieces of any clothing combines. As they are outerwear, women can pick jackets to keep themselves warm too. With jackets, women can create mesmerizing combines and can catch different combines for different occasions. Last, of all, jackets can make a woman look formal or down to heel –there’s a wide scale for their design types.

We are crafting bohemian jackets for boutique style wholesale clothing. Ethnic, authentic, asymmetric, contrasted and high-quality wholesale jackets are waiting for you to own them in your store. You can enjoy the difference of Los Banditos.

We Mean It, We Share It

In the late winter and early spring season, jackets are coming out of the closet to keep their wearers warm. To finish a combine with a jacket, there should be different options in the wardrobe. Because of different clothes, we’ll need different color and design alternatives for jackets. In the understanding of bohemian clothing, all jackets are almost totally suitable with any combine and any season.

For winter era, people need long and wrapping cloths. You can find jackets with oversized turtle neck, which are giving warm feeling at cold places, in our catalog. These jackets’ long and sleeve collars look both modern and retro. We’re putting different sides of fashion world together to create synergy.

Cardigans Forever

While we’re creating our catalog, we put cardigans in a special place. Because, we know that especially in winter seasons, they’re indispensable. So, our bohemian way of thinking let us craft cardigans with the old but new style. We know that It sounds weird when old and new come together in a sentence but this is what modern boho style tells us to do. Take a closer look at our cardigans to see these tiny details which are giving this magical contrast. We put thumbhole details on cardigans. While wearer gets warm with our cardigans’ thick fabric, they can move without disturbance. Explore our trendy wholesale clothing collection and pick our high quality, cheap wholesale cardigans today, see the changing air in your boutique tomorrow.

Beautiful When Together

An image on the puzzle, can’t be perfect when It’s incomplete. We know this and that’s why in some of our jackets we put boho-inspired design details altogether. We’re talking about our patchwork jackets which are made to show bohemian basics with a complete design. Green, blue, red, yellow, orange colors, asymmetrical lines, floral prints and pocket details are all together on our patchwork jackets. Patchwork boho jacket in our catalog has a discrete soul and can be combined with tights or long dresses. Los Banditos crafted It’s very own patchwork with tiny details to keep away from complicated looks. So, don’t be afraid to use these pieces with any clothing.

If you’re in search of wholesale apparel which are suitable with any kind of customer, you can take a look at our boho jackets catalog and explore our unique style wholesale jackets for the winter and spring seasons!

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