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Flowers are delicate and beautiful. From nature, they’re like a gift to us and they’re adorning our environment. That’s why they’re always a perfect match with women. Now, It’s time to bring them together. With the dark sides of city life, we forgot what’s natural and beautiful but flowers can grow even in the toughest conditions. Wholesale bohemian clothing collection of Los Banditos will let it grow all around the world.

Fashion industry repetitions It’s past every time. Now, a bohemian fashion which had been darkened since the ’80s, rises from Its Ashes. We are giving the opportunity to boho boutiques to get colorful wholesale boho items for their store with the best prices!

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

For natural and beautiful souls, we craft beautiful floral dresses. Bohemian style floral dresses are now trending and they’re coming to grow inside of the colorless city life. Our floral designs are meeting with the asymmetrical details of boho dresses and that’s how we’re bringing nature into city life back! From the catalog of our wholesale floral dresses, you can find mini, midi and maxi dress alternatives for your store. We’re offering you to have a wide selection of boho clothes at wholesale prices for your customers who are different with their styles but not only for measurements also with the designs.

In the nature, there’s almost infinite type of flower colors and shapes. We observed them to put which are best for our Bohemian Hippie style clothes are predominantly having red, yellow, orange, brown and purple colors on them and we put flowers with this color range. Wholesale dresses options on our catalog differs about their color patterns and lengths. There are four seasons in a year, but your store will always stick on colorful spring air…

Time To Grow From Deepest Places

Flowers are nature’s big fighters as women in our world. Los Banditos gives chance to women with this style to have flowers on them. Our overflowing, ethnic detailed and authentic floral dresses are letting flowers grow inside of concrete walls. We’re one of a kind supplier in wholesale women's clothing industry to fill your boutique with this powerful style. We put dresses with flower designs on them for women and while we’re crafting them we’re focusing to what’s important for them. Sleeveless, loose fit and different neck alternatives with comforting design is our remarkable feature for floral dresses. Boho fashion is growing from deepest places like flowers!

Original and Inspiring

Women are in search of original. This is true, right? So, here we are bringing the origin of our lives –nature. We’re not only putting flowers to dresses for make things living. We’re designing wholesale bohemian dresses for women who’s in search of comfort. Business and city life is absolutely boring but It’s time for women to change the rules. Loose fit dresses with flower design on them are going to inspire who are around them. They’re easy to combine with little accessories and It’s easy for you to select best wholesale clothing items from our colorful collection . Let’s make your boutique looks like a flower garden!

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